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Columbiana County Bar Association Membership Information

ASSOCIATION MEETINGS. The Annual Meeting of the Columbiana County Bar Association is held on the second Monday of April, with other meetings of the Association scheduled for the second Monday of September, and the second Monday of January.


CLASSES OF MEMBERSHIP. There are two classes of membership in the Bar

Association, namely:



            1.  ACTIVE MEMBER: Any person admitted to the practice of law in Ohio is eligible for active membership in this Association.

            2.  INACTIVE MEMBER: Any person who is a retired or an inactive member of the Bar of Ohio is eligible to be an inactive member of this Association. An inactive member shall

have all the rights and privileges of an active member, but shall not hold office or serve on any




 ELECTION OF NEW MEMBERS. Any new member shall be received by application for membership in writing.  New members will need to have a current member of this Association as a sponsor, and election to membership shall be by vote of a majority of the Association members present at any regularly scheduled meeting.   For more information regarding joining the Columbiana County Bar Association please contact Atty. C. Brooke Zellers at 330-337-4820 or Ron Vest at 330-420-3662.


MEMBERSHIP DUES: The fiscal year of the Association commences on the first day of April annually and ends on the last day of March of the following year. All dues shall be payable in advance on or before the first day of April of each fiscal year. 



Members age 75 and older                                       $0.00


6  or more years in practice                                  $100.00


1st year in practice to 5 years in practice             $ 75.00

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